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Police seize three tons of shrimp and fine over half a million in Bertioga


Agents of the Environmental Military Police seized more than 3 tons of seven-beard shrimp and applied a series of fines that, added together, exceed the mark of half a million reais. The operation took place in Bertioga on Saturday 11th, and all the cargo, which was fished in an environmental protection area, was seized.

Those responsible for the vessel, where the illegal fishing took place, will be liable for the crime in freedom.

Military police officers from CIAMAR, the Fifth Marine Environmental Military Police Company of the 3rd BPAmb, during maritime patrols in the municipality of Bertioga, surprised a fishing vessel inside the APAMLC - Marine Environmental Protection Area Litoral Centro, Guaibe sector, carrying out the practice shrimp trawl.

The vessel from Santa Catarina, which was already being monitored by IBAMA for some time, was fishing for crustaceans in a prohibited place, less than a mile and a half from the coast, as provided for in the legislation for vessels of this size.

The arrest, which occurred in the direction of Praia de Itaguaré, resulted in the seizure of the vessel, four doors (equipment used in fishing), two trawl nets, and all the fish on board, 3,500 kilos of seven-beard shrimp, which they were immediately donated to various charities in the Santos region, after more than twelve hours of a complex action that was developed in the afternoon and evening of the 10th and lasted throughout the night of the 11th.

At the time, four Notices of Environmental Violation were prepared for "Fishing in a prohibited place", against the four crew on board, all from Itajaí/SC, in the amount of R$ 141,400.00 each, totaling R$ 565,600.00 in fines and will respond in freedom for environmental crime.

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