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Gaucho fishermen mobilize to maintain restrictions on trawling


In recent weeks, entities representing fishermen from Rio Grande do Sul have started a mobilization aimed at preventing changes in state legislation that limits trawling and prohibits the practice within 12 nautical miles (22 km) of the coast of Rio Grande do Sul Law 15.223/2018 is questioned by boat owners and professionals from Santa Catarina, who practice this type of fishing.

The pressure from Santa Catarina has the support of Governor Carlos Moisés and deputies. The Union of Shipowners and Fishing Industry of Itajaí and Region, sent the Ministry of Agriculture questioning the legality of the legislation, unanimously approved by the Legislative Assembly and in force since the second half of last year, in Rio Grande do Sul.

Representatives of the Rio Grande do Sul fishing sector met with Governor Eduardo Leite, at Palácio Piratini, in Porto Alegre.

During the meeting, Professor Luís Gustavo Cardoso presented a study carried out by the Federal University of Rio Grande (FURG), which, according to the data, shows the importance of banning the capture of species within 12 miles. The conclusion is that the measure will expand the supply of fish on the Costa Gaúcha from the second year of the Law's validity.

After listening to the leaders, Eduardo Leite took a stand in favor of the Gaucho fishermen.

“There was an approach by the governor of Santa Catarina, who defends the interests of the neighboring state. But I was never in favor of reviewing the Law. We understand that there is a scientific basis that supports this legislation” , said Eduardo.

The meeting

The meeting with Governor Edurado Leite was attended by the state secretaries of Agriculture, Fisheries and Rural Development, Covatti Filho; and Environment, Artur Lemos; state deputies Fábio Branco (MDB) and Zé Nunes (PT); the superintendent of Ibama in RS, Cláudia Costa; the mayor of Rio Grande, Alexandre Lindenmeyer; the vice-rector of Furg, Danilo Giroldo; representatives of the Federation of Fisheries Unions of RS, Ivan Vasconcellos and Gilmar Coelho; the representative of the Union of Fishing Owners of RS, Alexandre Novo; the Municipal Secretary of Fisheries of Rio Grande, Cláudio Costa; in addition to representatives of Colonies Z-1, Nilton Machado; Z-2, Irandir Rodrigues; Z-25, Roselein Termezana; and Z-40, Leandro Miranda.


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