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Fishermen close Saco da Ribeira in protest by artisanal fishermen


This Saturday(27), artisanal fishermen from the coast of the State of São Paulo held a large demonstration at the Saco da Ribeira pier, one of the main ones in Ubatuba, to claim rights in the fishing sector.

Fishermen “closed” the exit from the pier by sea and land, preventing the movement of boats and schooners. Private marinas had to cancel operations with pleasure boats, unable to leave the pier, as fishermen made a “barrier” at sea with their boats.

For Ana Flávia Sallai de Oliveira, a fisherman, it was a milestone for all fishermen as it was the first manifesto in the category. “It was a lot of work to empower the fisherman, to raise awareness that fishing is part of the ancestral culture of people from traditional communities”.

She also mentions the difficulty in getting the necessary documentation for the regulation of the profession, even after many years of work. “We are a class that has been treated like criminals, we are demanding a differentiated education for those who do not have access to elementary education”.

A meeting was scheduled at the city hall on Monday with representatives of Traditional Communities (fishermen, caiçaras) protected by Decree 6040, which says that: it is the state's role to optimize fishing and aquaculture, in harmony with tourism and environmental preservation and biodiversity, among others.

“If nothing is done, we will close the São Sebastião/Ilhabela ferry. If you don't have concrete results. Probably on the September 7th holiday. It will be a peaceful movement, but necessary for us to be seen”, he explains. “It was the beginning of the struggle and union of a class”.

The claims of the category that talk about the nautical mile, regulations that need to be reformulated, among others, were delivered to Fausto Geraldo Moro Cardoso, secretary of legal affairs, who represented the mayor of Ubatuba, Delcio Sato, with the commitment to be forwarded to the governor of the state, João Doria.

“The group's evaluation was that the manifestation was positive, as they gave visibility to the category's problems in exercising their profession. On Monday, we have an audience with the mayor to forward the demands to higher levels and it is a first mobilization that if there are no concrete results, there will probably be others on the September 7 holiday”, evaluates Maurici Romeu da Silva, president of the Colony of Fishermen of Ubatuba.

North Coast fishermen released a letter about their claims.

Claim Schedule for Artisanal Fishermen

1- Guarantee of the fishing territory in the various types of artisanal fishing along with the zoning and management plan of the APA Marinha Litoral Norte, and areas of operation of the Litoral Paulista.

2 - A policy of the State of São Paulo to promote fishing activity, which is not only inspecting and punitive, enforcing State Law No. 11.165/02 that regulates fishing in the State of São Paulo, and studies of the State Plan for Rural Extension and Pesqueira elaborated in 2010 with researchers, public authorities and civil society.

3 – Plan to regularize the fishing fleet of the State of São Paulo in its various governmental, municipal, state and federal spheres.

4 – Articulate the repeal of Ordinances, Regulations, Resolutions, Decrees and Laws, which do not match the reality of artisanal fishing in the State of São Paulo.

5 – That the State in its various government offices apply a moratorium until a regularization of fishing activity in the State of São Paulo is carried out.

Source: Tamoio News and New Press

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