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Paraná participates in shrimp fisheries management plan


The Environmental team of the public company Portos do Paraná participates in the State Workshop for the elaboration of the Paraná proposal for the management of shrimp fishing, in the scope of the Southern Region of Brazil. The meeting started on Tuesday (5) and runs until this Wednesday (6), in Paranaguá, from 9:00 am to 6:00 pm, at the Museum of Archeology and Ethnology of the Federal University of Paraná.

Through the fisheries monitoring program that it is developing, the public company was invited to join the process by the Estuarine-Lagunar Fisheries Planning and Development Coordination of the Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock and Supply.

According to João Paulo Ribeiro Santana, Director of Environment at Portos do Paraná, the importance of being present at the event is to understand what is being regulated and what proposal will be presented in relation to shrimp fishing. "We always participate directly in these issues that involve the fishing community on the coast of Paraná."

According to the biologist at Portos do Paraná, Jaqueline Dittrich, participation is within its environmental conditions. “One of the programs we have developed is the Fishing Activity Monitoring Program. Every day of the week, technicians gather information about landings in seven fishing outposts in Paranaguá, Antonina and Pontal do Paraná”, he says.

The UN consultant, Ana Sílvia Costa Silvino, stressed that the objective of the meeting is to discuss and seek, in a participatory way, viable solutions to the problems identified in shrimp fishing, with the fishing sector, through local workshops.

According to her, the elaboration of the debate and an effective proposal is by consensus, which is why everyone's involvement is so necessary. “We need to strengthen ourselves collectively. It is important to make the personal point of fishing, but we have to strengthen ourselves as a State, so that shrimp fishing has a more productive result”, emphasized the consultant.

WORKSHOP - The activity is part of the Sustainable Management of Fauna Accompanying Project in Drag Fishing in Latin America and the Caribbean, supported by the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO), the Global Environment Facility (GEF) and by the Secretariat of Aquaculture and Fisheries of the Ministry of Aquaculture, Livestock and Supply.

The work is being developed in 15 Brazilian states. The fisherman participates continuously. The responsibility and commitment to follow the project is transferred to him. He needs to participate first in local meetings, then in state ones, and take to the community everything that has been agreed upon. Afterwards, four representatives from Paraná head to the regional meeting, passing on the content of the meeting to their peers on their return.

The meetings have already taken place in the municipalities of Guaratuba, Pontal do Paraná, Guaraqueçaba and Paranaguá. The regional meeting is scheduled for January 22 and 23, 2020, in Brasília, when the shrimp fisheries management plan for the Southeast and South regions is expected to be concluded.

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