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Sports and pleasure boats are not prohibited from sailing anywhere on the coast or in inland waters.

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State and municipal decrees decided to prohibit boat trips, with the intention of containing the advance of the new coronavirus. But, according to the Brazilian Navy, there is no restriction on the use (that is, navigation) of sports and recreational vessels anywhere on the Brazilian coast or in inland waters.

Although they want to prevent navigation as a way to contain the advance of the coronavirus, municipal and state decrees do not find a legal basis for this, not even in this emergency situation.

The imposition of restrictive measures on the free movement of boats of any nature in the maritime environment is an exclusive responsibility of the Brazilian Navy, through its Captaincies, and of the Union, pursuant to decree law 9760, of 1946, decree law 99.184, of 1990, law 6383 of 1976 and law 5792 of 1973.

The municipal and state authorities are only responsible for preventing the commercial activity of companies that explore tourism, such as schooner rides, for example, because of the crowding of people. But do not impede access to a vessel that is already on the water, moored on piers, or anchored, for example. Much less free circulation in our waters.

A sport and pleasure boat, be it a motorboat, a sailboat or a yacht, is the second home (and, for many sailors, the main house), and as such, a safe haven for them and their families since that the hygiene precautions determined by the health authorities and the recommendation to avoid agglomerations have been taken.

Common sense always prevailing.

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