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College of Agriculture and Fisheries elects new board


AMFRI's College of Agriculture and Fisheries elected this Monday (9) its new board. The Executive Director of Itajaí Fisheries, Rodrigo Silveira, was elected president. As for the vice-presidency, the Secretary of Agriculture and Fisheries of Navegantes, João Paulo Serpa, was chosen.

Rodrigo highlighted the great pride and responsibility of being ahead of such an important collegiate for the region and the year with a lot of work and actions. “We will address the concerns and anxieties of the fishing sector, whether in the industrial or artisanal area, since the collegiate is composed of secretaries who have different fisheries in their municipalities. The function of the collegiate is to support the municipalities, demanding from the authorities and responsible bodies so that they can meet the demands of our region”, he emphasized.

In addition to the election, Rodrigo Silveira and Bombinhas, Secretary of Fisheries and Aquaculture, Ernani Mateus da Silva, shared the experience they had at the workshop to discuss the suggestions collected in the collective construction of the Interministerial Normative Instruction MPA/MMA No. 10, in February, in Brasilia.

Both represent artisanal and industrial fishermen in the AMFRI region at the event that aimed to compile the suggestions received for the structuring of a new Normative Instruction, aiming at reorganizing the system of Permissions for fishing vessels for access and sustainable use of fishing resources .

Also at the meeting, the institutional representative of TIM presented the company's projects on expansion in the AMFRI region.

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