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North Coast leaders prepare an act in favor of restricting trawling in RS


Representatives of artisanal and amateur fishermen from Rio Grande do Sul and mayors of the North Coast defined a mobilization in favor of the maintenance of State Law 15,223, which has limited trawling, since 2018, to 12 nautical miles (22 km) off the coast of Rio Grande do Sul. A public act should be held in Barra de Imbé on Saturday, August 17th, at 10am.

The performance of the act was defined at a meeting held this Tuesday (06) at the Imbé City Hall, which was attended by the mayor of the municipality, Pierre Emerim, and the mayor of Tramandaí, Luiz Carlos Gauto. Pierre and Gauto should refer the matter to the Association of Municipalities of the North Coast (Amlinorte) to support the mobilization.

Representatives of the North Coast Fishing Forum, the fishing colonies of Tramandaí, Imbé and Xangri-lá, the Tramandaí Fishermen's Union, Emater, the State Department of Agriculture, the Environmental Patrol of the Military Brigade and the Ceclimar / Ufrgs.

The president of the North Coast Fishing Forum, Leandro Miranda, told Litoral na Rede that the objective of the mobilization is to guarantee the maintenance of the legislation and the activity and survival of fishermen from the state of Rio Grande do Sul with restrictions on trawling by boats from Santa Catarina. According to him, all sectors of society are invited to participate in the act on August 17th.

After the meeting, the mayor of Imbé used #arrastonuncamais in a post on his Facebook page. “We will be fighting alongside our fisherman and other authorities so that the state law that prohibits this type of fishing and that President Bolsonaro (he defends that trawling and predatory fishing can occur throughout the territory) is against and moves to make it without In effect, it remains in force to protect and guarantee sustainable artisanal fishing in Rio Grande do Sul”, wrote Pierre.

Bolsonaro Demonstrations

On Thursday (1), President Jair Bolsonaro stated that he would ask Governor Eduardo Leite to repeal the law. “What leads to the approval of a law in this sense?”, he asked. “Milk is an extremely polite person, interested in the well-being of his people, and I'm sure that issue will be resolved,” projected the president in a live broadcast on Facebook.

On Saturday (04), Bolsonaro shared a video of fishermen from Santa Catarina on a bus on their way to Brasília for a meeting with the federal government. The president wrote: “It will be a pleasure to welcome the fishermen of Santa Catarina here in Brasília. – We are going to reduce bureaucracy, deregulate, optimize fishing in Brazil. – Everything that I have within my reach and that of the Fisheries Secretary, Jorge Seif, we will do”.

Reaction in the Legislative Assembly

The pressure to overturn the restriction on trawling in Rio Grande do Sul was also highlighted at the plenary session of the Legislative Assembly, in Porto Alegre, this Tuesday. The matter was dealt with by two parliamentarians in the gallery.

State deputy Zé Nunes (PT), who coordinates the Parliamentary Fisheries Front, highlighted that there was a great mobilization for the new legislation for the sector in the State, which would bar the weakening of the activity. "Our legislation is legally supported, seeking for the State to reestablish, once again, the strength of fishing, with its economic significance for Rio Grande do Sul", said the congressman.

Deputy Fábio Branco (MDB) announced that he presented to the College of Legislative Assembly leaders a request for hearings with the Minister of Agriculture, Livestock and Supply, Tereza Cristina, with the Chief of Staff of the Presidency of the Republic, Onyx Lorenzoni, and with President Jair Bolsonaro to discuss a national fisheries policy that protects the Rio Grande do Sul coast from predatory fishing. "When we talk about predatory fishing, we are talking about many fishermen who over the years have left the profession and we are talking about the future of the activity in RS",


Source - Coast on the Net

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