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Action transforms the Pinheiros River into a tourist attraction!


Rio Pinheiros, in São Paulo, received a tour open to the population to inspire not only the participants, but the entire national population about the importance of cleaning rivers. In its fourth edition, the action “For a navigable city” aims to promote awareness in society and encourage clean-up.

The idea is to bring people closer to urban rivers and inspire them, showing the various opportunities and benefits that society would have if the rivers were clean, such as leisure and tourism. Another possibility is the improvement of metropolis traffic, with another access road and a less polluting type of transport, such as the waterway.

“Like European cities, São Paulo can be a navigable city. The River Thames was as polluted as the River Pinheiros and today receives the circulation of boats. This is our first action to raise awareness about the depollution of the Pinheiros River, motivated by the promise of Governor João Dória. Therefore, we brought the population to navigate and show that it is possible, whether for leisure or for public transport”, says Ernani Paciornik, publisher of Náutica magazine and organizer of the São Paulo Boat Show.

“We set up two stations in 48 hours. It is possible to set up 50 stations in a month, we just need depollution. Another gain will be with the development of the Brazilian nautical industry, which will grow a lot with the possibility of navigability of the Pinheiros and Tietê Rivers”, completes Ernani.


According to the president of Emae, Ronaldo Souza Camargo, there are works being carried out to clean up the rivers of São Paulo. “The goal of EMAE (Metropolitan Water and Energy Company) in 12 months is to remove 500,000 cubic meters of garbage. This means clearer, more translucent water and greater depth, which is very important. We are with specialists from the Polytechnic School of USP and the Brazilian Navy, advising us on which navigability is possible in the medium and long term, whether it is possible for leisure or public transport”, he said.

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