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Leisure and nautical tourism are increasingly developed in the Brazilian market. The countless natural beauty of the waters and the pleasant climate for sailing all year round have inspired thousands of people to enter the nautical world or upgrade their vessels. According to information from the sector, more than 820 thousand leisure boats circulate through Brazil, which even has the 16th longest national coastline in the world with almost 7,500 kilometers of coastline, not to mention more than 41 thousand kilometers of inland waterways .

However, for those who dream of buying a boat or for those who want to exchange for a new model, it is important that the choice is made consciously. Therefore, the tip is to take advantage of this period, when many are at home, to evaluate the ideal boat that meets the profile of the future owner.

There is a wide range of high quality leisure boats on the market with variable investments. Knowing that it is beyond a good, a dream for unique experiences, comfortable and private by the waters. It is important that it is a conscious purchase and that all choices meet the customer's needs, both in terms of the chosen model and the usability of the vessel, as well as the accessories and equipment of your choice.

Many people who want to have a boat to sail and enjoy very special moments with friends and family. Therefore, it is important, for those who wish to invest, to reserve a period to learn about the options suitable for their profile and talk to specialized consultants, especially those who have support from the manufacturer, to help with the purchase.

Shipyards such as Triton Yachts, have a variety of high quality model options from 20 to 52 feet and launches new year after year. It provides factory-directed professionals and partners who provide extensive support before purchase, taking into account items such as: Average length of stay on the boat; estimated number of people to be received on the vessel; home appliances and navigation equipment; decoration and finishing items; customization, and motorization. These are some of the many features that can be guided and discussed to ensure that the boat can be used to its fullest.

Happy navigation!

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