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Croatia winery ages its wines under the sea!


Have you ever imagined visiting a winery's cellar diving into the depths of the ocean?

This is the experience of those who want to discover the underwater cellars of the Edivo winery, located on the Pelješac peninsula (Croatia).

They launched a line of aged wines at the bottom of the Adriatic Sea, 18 to 25 meters deep. Each bottle or amphora in the Navis Mysterium line is truly unique! That's because they are covered in corals, sea shells and algae.


Only Plavac Mali grapes, from premium vineyards, go into the underwater aging process. Initially, the wines mature for 3 months on earth. After that they rest for another two years at the bottom of the sea.

According to the winery, this is not just a marketing action. The conditions are really favorable for a good aging of your wines, this due to the temperature, pressure, lack of oxygen and light controls.


The Navis Mysterium amphora costs €336, the bottle €81.

I felt like tasting these wines, what about you?

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