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Drawing of the 10 vessels that will be able to fish for Mullet in this 2020 harvest.


The Cooperation Agreement between the AQUACULTURE AND FISHING SECRETARIAT and CAIXA ECONÔMICA FEDERAL with the purpose of having CAIXA carry out the mechanical drawing of 10 vessels that will be able to fish for Mullet in this 2020 harvest. It has already been published in the official gazette.

The date of the draw has not yet been stipulated. The sector continues to try, together with SAP, for an acceptable negotiation.

UNIVALI (University of Vale do Itajaí) presented a research to establish criteria and in the research according to the sector, at no time is said 627.8 tons or 10 boats.

This number was established by SAP, which increases the indignation of shipowners and fishermen,
because the secretary Jorge Seif is a fishing owner and knows the importance of the mullet harvest for the sector, he knows the needs and the financial/social commitment that mullet fishing represents!

Added to all this are the problems related to coping with covid 19.

We tried to contact the Secretary and got no response. In a live, by the secretary, we questioned whether the 2020 harvest was also at risk of being discussed in court,
Secretary Jorge Seif replied, “IT'S AN INDUSTRY RIGHT! ´´

Let's go ahead!

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