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The entities from Brazil and Argentina will work towards the elaboration and recognition of an unprecedented regulatory framework for the Southwest Atlantic

Jorge Neves, Eduardo Pucci e Henrique Pe

The president of the Union of Shipowners and Fisheries Industries of Itajaí and Region – SINDIPI, Jorge Neves and the executive director of the Organization for the Protection of Fisheries Resources in the South Atlantic – OPRAS (Argentina),

Eduardo Pucci, signed today (3rd) a Cooperation Agreement between the entities. The term foresees the creation of a Private Technical and Bilateral Commission that will work in several directions, but mainly, in the elaboration, implementation and recognition at the official and international level, of a Regulatory Act that includes effective tools and mechanisms for the exploitation of the living resources of the offshore in the Southwest Atlantic, ensuring their conservation and sustainability. The president of SITRAPESCA, Henrique Pereira, attended the signing of the Agreement.

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