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Nautical services should grow 30% in Itajaí

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With the development of nautical services in Santa Catarina, Brazil's second largest hub in the segment, Marina Itajaí forecasts a 30% increase by the end of 2019 (compared to the previous year) in terms of repairs and preventive maintenance of vessels carried out in the service area of ​​the nautical complex, off the coast of Santa Catarina.

This data also corresponds to the increase in boat movements through technological equipment offered by the marina capable of carrying boats, yachts and sailboats of up to 75 tons to the service yard safely.

"Only in the city of Itajaí, we already have at least four large national and international shipyards, manufacturers of motor leisure boats, not to mention the significant increase, especially in the last five years, of service providers and companies related to nautical.

To meet the demand, Marina Itajaí has ​​also recently expanded its wet spot capacity with the implementation of a new 105-meter pier with 42 new spaces to moor boats up to 30 meters in length, currently totaling 355 dry and wet spots available.

In addition, the coast of Santa Catarina is much sought after by navigators from Brazil and abroad due to the numerous attractions that it concentrates. Factors like these justify our expectation in nautical development, not only with regard to the search for vacancies, but also in offering technology and structure to perform services, another of our differentials in the region", explains the nautical director of Marina Itajaí Carlos Oliveira.

The Marina Itajaí yard currently holds up to 11 vessels measuring about 20 meters simultaneously. The expansion of the area is already planned to double this service next year.

Boat moves and service area rental before the summer season can now be scheduled

The professionals at Marina Itajaí indicate that preventive maintenance, essential for the proper functioning of the vessels, should preferably be scheduled at times when the boat is not used frequently, in months like August and September, for example.

"From the end of September until the eve of the summer season, we usually have a waiting list, which can reach more than 30 days, to carry out movements and use our service yard. Therefore, to navigate with ease with If the boat's check list is up to date, it's important to review it in advance", advises the commercial manager of Marina Itajaí Natasha Secchi.

"In addition, navigators will be able to guarantee, here at Marina Itajaí, the movement of their boats in a safe and professional manner through high-tech equipment such as the Travel and Fork Lift, with technical assistance, in addition to a properly designed area. prepared to accommodate vessels of various sizes and with monitored security." complements.

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