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PREPS in tuna vessels under CAOL


Considering paragraph 3 of Article 1 of Interministerial Normative Instruction No. 02, of September 4, 2006, which informs the obligation to participate in the Satellite Fishing Vessel Tracking Program - PREPS of all fishing vessels built with full length greater than 15 meters.

Considering paragraph 1 of Article 4 of Interministerial Ordinance No. 59-A, of November 9, 2018, which determines a new monitoring order only for the tuna fleet, which informs that vessels authorized for any type of fishing tuna and the like with a length greater than or equal to ten meters and less than fifteen meters, should join the PREPS within one year, counting from its publication.

I hereby inform you that the above in item 2 above is already being required by this SAP within the scope of the issuance of Fishing Authorizations for tuna vessels, and the SFAs must disclose and demand compliance with such provisions from their owners as soon as the case requires.

Considering Article 3 of Normative Instruction No. 01, of May 17, 2018, which states that the Certificate of Accreditation of Legal Origin - CAOL aims to demonstrate that the fishing resource used was captured in full compliance with the regulations fisheries in force in the country of origin.

Considering that the PREPS requirements are taken into account in the analysis of the CAOLs and considering that the fishing industry is still adapting to the peculiarity of the new requirement of Ordinance No. 59-A.

I inform that the PREPS requirement for artisanal vessels with a length between 10 and 15 m, in the case of CAOL analyzes for the export of tuna products, will only be taken into account from March 1, 2020, and the SFAs must disclose this inform the exporting companies.

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