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Governor Carlos Moisés determined that the PGE integrates the direct action of unconstitutionality that contests the law 15,223/18 enacted in RS that prohibited the trawling 12 miles off the coast.

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The decision was announced at a meeting this Thursday (23/08) in the afternoon.

The action runs in the STF, and is on the table of minister Celso de Mello. Santa Catarina's industrial fishing operates in RS in shrimp fishing, the measure impacts 25,000 workers.

The law was approved by the Legislative Assembly of Rio Grande do Sul last year, with an environmental appeal and for the protection of local fishing. It turns out that about 100 vessels from Santa Catarina were directly involved in trawling on the coast of Rio Grande do Sul.

Discussions about the legislation take into account the state's attempt to regulate an area that, in theory, is the responsibility of the federal government, which does not prohibit fishing 12 miles off the coast.

The law prohibits fishing using a trawl net pulled by motorized vessels, in the 12 nautical miles of the coastal zone of the state.

The Santa Catarina fishing sector questions, the State of Rio Grande do Sul could provide for the new fishing rules exclusively in the areas allowed to them by article 26 of the Federal Constitution. According to this provision, only surface or underground water present in the territory of the federated entity shall be considered as property of the states.

The estimate of the Sectoral Chamber of Fisheries in the Federation of Industries of Santa Catarina (Fiesc) is that the law 15.223/18RS results in a loss of R$ 300 million to fishing in Santa Catarina.

The main targets of trawl boats on the coast of RS are red shrimp and iron shrimp, which move R$ 350 million per harvest. 90% is unloaded in RS and transported to SC, generating ICMS for the state of Rio Grande do Sul. Gauchos gave up jobs and taxes.

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