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Artisanal fishermen promise to hold another demonstration on 7 September


The manifest brings together fishermen from all over the north coast and takes place in Saco da Ribeira in Ubatuba and in the São Francisco neighborhood in São Sebastião.

The artisanal fishermen in the region promise to hold a demonstration this Saturday (7) from 6 am. The claims are for the right to exercise their craft with dignity in the marine territory and the change of federal and state laws that are harming fishermen. The demonstration is to draw the attention of these institutions.

In Ubatuba, it happens in Saco da Ribeira, while fishermen from Caraguatatuba, Ilhabela and São Sebastião gather in the São Francisco neighborhood, in front of the Environmental Police post. The act will be peaceful, at the two points of Rio-Santos (SP55), in a stop and go system.

Ana Flávia Sallai, one of the representatives of the fishermen of Ubatuba, talks about the movement. “What harms us are federal laws. They are very old, from 30 years ago. We need the repeal of state and federal laws and regulations (IN12, IN166, IN10, SUDEP 56/84). In addition, we fight for an educational and pacifying approach by the Environmental Police that is not based only on the more restrictive law 9,605, which is the law on environmental crimes, but on the State Fisheries Law, which in the inspection section speaks of warning and notify, after all the environmental police work for the State. We ask the State and Federal government to meet our demands, after all we are not criminals, but fathers and mothers of families who need to guarantee the livelihood of our families. Fishing is cultural heritage and a source of income for the municipality”, he emphasizes.

The representative of the Z-8 Colony of Caraguatatuba, Caetano Machado de Almeida, is at the head of the movement in the city. “The laws are made without listening to the class, they are not in line with reality and are very old. There is funding to leverage fishing, but on the other hand, taxes are unfeasible for artisanal fishermen. We will be together for the strengthening of fishermen in this demonstration”.

According to Janete Maria Serpa, representative of the São Sebastião Fishermen's Colony, everything is organized. “We will be meeting in the São Francisco neighborhood, a stronghold of artisanal fishermen in a peaceful manifesto not to harm any community, from 6:00 am. We are protecting our territory, as the laws do not match reality and there is an omission by the State, which is taking away the ancestral right of the fishing community. I'm a fisherman's daughter and we can't take it anymore. This manifesto is our cry”, he points out.

About a thousand people are expected at the demonstrations, including fishermen and their families. This is the second manifestation carried out by the class.

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