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Divers disappear into the sea, spend 13 hours adrift and are rescued in Greater Recife


Four divers disappeared into the sea on Sunday afternoon (6) and were found at dawn on Monday (7), in the Metropolitan Region of Recife. They reported that they spent about 13 hours adrift in the water until they were rescued (see video above).

The four men left the Cabanga Iate Clube, in Recife, to perform a technical dive with the Rebreather, a device that allows the diver to breathe in the expired gas again. The group proceeded to the Corveta Camaquã wreck, located approximately 37 kilometers off the coast, in the position relative to the Coroa do Avião, in the municipality of Itamaracá.

The surgeon, Alan Filgueira, was part of the group. According to him, the dive happened normally, the problem was when they returned to the surface and realized that something was wrong, as the boat was far away.

"Drifting, it was 13 hours, we were free, drifting towards the beach. In diving, it took approximately two hours. We went up around 1:30 pm and the boat was far away", he said, on Monday, when he arrived back at the beach. Cabana.

Navy teams and the Fire Department helicopter participated in the searches. The quartet was found 15 kilometers from the position from which they disappeared, according to the Port Authority. The other three divers chose not to talk to TV Globo. The four are doing well.


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