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Market for leisure boats expected to grow in 2020


The nautical sector opened the year 2020 with growth perspectives, according to ACOBAR – Brazilian Association of Boat Builders and their Implements. After the drop in sales, especially in the period of economic crisis, companies in the sector are also seeing a better moment in the economy and believe they will be able to present better results, and some manufacturers are already celebrating the success of their production lines.

For the president of ACOBAR, Eduardo Colunna, "the Brazilian economy is showing more consistent signs in the indices in general, albeit modest, which encourage us to hope for an improvement in the business environment in our sector".

According to the organisation's latest survey, around 84% of the more than 70,000 vessels that sail in the country are powered by propulsion and, currently, Brazil has around 80 manufacturers of motor leisure boats. This is the case of the Brazilian shipyard Triton Yachts, with over 20 years of experience in the nautical market and a reference for high quality motor vessels. Thanks to the brand's expertise and constant investments in improvements and novelties, the manufacturer estimates an increase of about 20% in sales in 2020.

“We have already seen the biggest sales stimulus. Since October last year, the pace of production has developed considerably, and we even have models on the waiting list. Therefore, we believe that this scenario should continue to grow with the resumption of consumer confidence, including the public interested in models of larger boats and yachts, from 46 to 52 feet. This impacts not only our company and the generation of jobs, but also several sectors, such as technical services, sales of parts and nautical support structures, not to mention activities indirectly related to tourism”, analyzes the marketing director of Triton Yachts Allan Cechelero.

In the last 10 years, according to Eduardo Colunna, the nautical market has undergone major changes in the country, especially with regard to the significant increase in the size of boats, the improvement in quality and the reduction in the number of shipyards.

“In terms of labor, the factories employ approximately 7,500 workers according to our latest survey (2012). However, we have the potential to expand further. For example, if we compare one of the most important centers for the production and use of sports and recreational vessels in the national market with other countries, we have an idea of ​​this proportion.

In the State of São Paulo, for example, we have 1 boat for 248 people, in the United Kingdom 1 boat for 63 people and in the Great Lakes of the United States we have 1 boat for 19 people”, explains the president of ACOBAR.

The president of ACOBAR also believes that the nautical market needs more stimulus to grow. “Several efforts are being made to remove barriers to the development of the nautical market in the country, including the reformulation of the criteria for approval of marinas that need a regulatory framework and the preparation of a guide to good environmental practices. Another issue is the excessive taxation on the importation of equipment for the operation of structures that can guarantee the same safety, durability and quality achieved by foreign manufacturers”.

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