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Porto Belo Environmental Foundation prevents party at Praia do Caixa D'Aço/SC


The Municipal Foundation for the Environment (Famap) of Porto Belo , on the North Coast of Santa Catarina, did not grant authorization for a party that would take place next Saturday (7) at Praia do Caixa D'Aço. The agency claims that the organizers did not follow the recommendations of the Federal Public Ministry (MPF) for holding events at the site.

The information was released this Wednesday (4). According to the foundation, Praia do Caixa D'Aço is an Environmental Protection Area and the site is home to a traditional fishing community. Events can bring, in addition to noise, dirt and oil leakage at sea - because many boats 'park' in the bay for the celebrations.

For the case of the party that would be held on Saturday, the Port Authority Police Station in Itajaí informed in a note that it had received the request from the event organizers and that it had given preliminary authorization, linked to compliance with Navy rules.

When it received a statement from the city hall against holding the event, the police conditioned that the party be held only if the organizer obtained authorization from the municipality.


Among the recommendations of the MPF are the request for authorizations to bodies such as the Secretary of Heritage of the Union (SPU), the Navy and the Fire Department, in addition to Famap itself. In addition, before the events, it is necessary to prove measures to prevent oil leakage at sea, for example, among other environmental issues.

Famap also states that, in cases of complaints, fines are applied to boat owners who gather at the site and make noise at a volume above the permitted level.

Among the MPF's recommendations are:

  • that the Navy and Famap consult the fishing community before granting authorization for beach events

  • that the Navy observe and supervise the nautical rules

  • that Famap, in events with many vessels, condition the authorization to the adoption of compensatory measures by the organizers for any damage to the environment

  • that Famap inspect the event

Steel Box

Boat parties are famous at Praia do Caixa D'Aço. At the site, celebrities such as soccer player Neymar and country singer Gusttavo Lima have already been seen. The beach was also the setting for a music video by artist Michel Teló.

In January of this year, the PM even carried out an operation on the beach against boats and yachts that caused disturbance with loud sounds.

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