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Environment approves fund for development of fishing activity


The Chamber of Deputies' Environment and Sustainable Development Committee approved a proposal that institutes the Fishermen's Support Fund (FAP) and environmental compensation for damages caused to fishing activities. The FAP will be allocated to sustainable fisheries development projects.

Bill 4414/16 was presented by former deputy Marcelo Matos (RJ) and was reported by deputy Chico D'Angelo (PDT-RJ), who presented a favorable opinion.

D'Angelo included an amendment that allows the use of the new fund to monitor fish stocks. The original proposal already foresees the allocation of FAP resources to projects to increase the efficiency of the fishing production chain, train fishermen, modernize equipment and the logistical structure for transporting production, or improve the environmental quality of the exploited area. Project approval will be by the environmental agency responsible for environmental licensing.

According to the project, the FAP will consist of amounts collected as compensation for losses to fishing activities, budget resources and donations, among other sources.

Compensation The text determines that, in cases of environmental licensing of undertakings with a significant environmental impact, the entrepreneur will be obliged to compensate for the damage identified to the fishing activity. The following are considered damages to this activity: restriction of access to areas used for fishing, reduction of fish stocks and scaring away fauna.

The amount of resources to be allocated by the entrepreneur should be sufficient to preserve the monthly income of fishermen in a stage prior to the venture.

Procedure The project will now be analyzed, conclusively, by the Committees on Agriculture, Livestock, Supply and Rural Development; Finance and Taxation; and Constitution and Justice and Citizenship.

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