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Due to lack of structure, Florianópolis is out of the cruise route


There were 40 required requirements, but 17 of them were not met. The lack of infrastructure on land and the 30-minute time to move passengers from the ship to the pier, were some of the factors why the Capital is not included in the route of ocean liners.

One of the solutions presented was the investment in infrastructure, but the idea did not work. According to the head of the regional unit, Maurício Medeiros de Souza, Antaq was no longer sought after:

- We know that the city is making an effort and is in fact committed to finding an alternative to install a cruise ship tourism here on the island, but no formal consultation yet - says Maurício.

Another solution would be to build a pier and a reception for passengers in Canajurê - a beach located between Canasvieiras and Jurerê, in the North of the island, since the maritime conditions in the place are considered favorable. Still with this option there was no evolution.

— The municipality loses, the state loses, it loses a lot in tax collection. And the movement, whether in the gastronomic route, or in local commerce, we are going to have a substantial loss — said the president of the CDL of Florianópolis, Ernesto Caponi.

capital stayed behind

Two other municipalities may be included in the itinerary even before Florianópolis, said the president of the Brazilian Association of Maritime Cruises, Marcos Ferraz.

"We're talking to Penha." We are talking to San Francisco do Sul again. They depend on some things to happen, such as bathymetry in the port area, because the ships are big and have more draft. We are waiting and talking with the city halls to try to open new destinations. Florianópolis has always been a consumer dream.

The secretary of the Brazilian Nautical Association (Acatmar), Maurício Ventura, says there is interest in assembling the equipment that is missing for the ships to dock in Florianópolis, but as the projects do not come out of the paper, they cause discomfort and insecurity for the legal side.

at the moment

Today, the state's cruise route is formed by Porto Belo, Balneário Camboriú and Itajaí, which will resume operations in a commercial area of ​​the port while a new tourist pier is not built.

With 28 confirmed stopovers for the next season, an estimated 109 thousand passengers disembark in the three cities, moving over R$ 56 million.

City Hall Position

The city government says that to build a suitable berthing pier, the cost would be around R$ 10 million, but the municipality is unable to afford this expense, considered to be of high value, and that since last year it has been seeking partnerships in the private sector.

NSC source

Photo: Diórgenes Pandini/Diário Santa Catarina

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