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Itajaí will have a fish party on the first Saturday in August


Largest fishing port in Brazil and responsible for 55% of the sale of fish in the national market, Itajaí will hold the Festa do Peixe on the first Saturday of August, the 3rd. The event is a tribute to fishermen in the city.

Even the sector is facing several problems such as: Export to the European Union, ordinance 445, 12 miles in Rio Grande do Sul, 5 miles in the southeast coast, and so on...

The party celebrates the resumption of industrial fishing for mullet. The festival will take place in Vila da Regata, next to Centreventos, from 10 am to 4 pm, and will distribute around 10 tons of fish free of charge to the population.

Organized by the Municipality of Itajaí, through the secretariats of Economic Development and Tourism and Events, the Fish Festival also has the support of the National Secretariat of Aquaculture and Fishing, the Shipowners Union and Fisheries Industries of Itajaí and Region (Sindipi ) and the Union of Workers in Fishing Companies of Santa Catarina (Sitrapesca). The members of the sector entities will donate the fish for the event.

“Fortunately, fishing for mullet was released and the Fish Festival is a way of celebrating and honoring these sea workers, so important to our municipality. As the species is less available on the market, we are going to include other fish, such as anchovies, which have been caught in good volume”, explains Mayor Volnei Morastoni.

Around 30 entities and municipal secretariats should participate in the Festa do Peixe. In this edition, the event should offer mullet, anchovy and sardines prepared in the most diverse ways by the participants: roasted, fried, grilled or grilled. The expectation is that the festival will gather around 15,000 people on Saturday.

fishing is a reference

With approximately 700 industrial fishing vessels, around 40 frozen fish industries and the largest fish canner in Latin America, Itajaí is a reference in technology, innovation and quality in fishing. The sector also represents the city's second GDP.

“The Fish Festival is a recognition and a celebration of our fishing. We are one of the most productive industrial fishing centers in the country and, let us not forget, the most productive in Santa Catarina. After several restrictions were imposed on fishing for mullet, the fishermen asked us to hold the party to celebrate the reopening”, highlights the secretary for Economic Development, Thiago Morastoni.

The entire structure of the party, such as tents, stage, chemical toilets and security, will be made available by the municipality, in addition to cultural attractions. The event will also have support from the Municipal Guard, Codetran, Military Police, Civil Police and Fire Department.


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