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The Schurmann Family will give a lecture during the awards for the best Brazilian boats


Sea without plastic is the cause that the Schurmann Family will defend in the Voz dos Oceanos expedition, which will travel to strategic points of the planet from May 2020. The sailboat Kat, the official home of the Schurmann Family, mainly for Vilfredo, Heloísa and of son Wilhelm, is at his main base in Brazil: Marina Itajaí, in Itajaí, Santa Catarina, preparing to leave.

To talk about this new challenge that is the UN Environment's #MaresLimpos campaign, for which the members of the Family have been appointed as world defenders, Vilfredo Schurmann will be in São Paulo, on September 17, participating in the gala dinner at Edifício Itália, when the winners of the Bombarco Nautical Excellence Award will be announced.

Five boats will be awarded in the Fun (up to 25 feet), Boat of the Year (up to 32 feet), Family (up to 45 feet), Luxury (up to 65 feet) and Yacht (over 65 feet) categories and four contributor awards somehow with the nautical community in their respective areas of expertise.

Right now, the Family is in Brazil, planning and preparing for the next great Voz dos Oceanos expedition. Before leaving, he participates in the Bombarco Nautical Excellence Award, on the 17th at night.

Defender ("ambassador" of the UN Environment MaresLimpos campaign), the Schurmann Family should address, during the award, the issue of plastics in the oceans and talk about awareness and mobilization initiatives to combat this issue, including the editions of Connection Schurmann MaresLimpos and the next great expedition, Voz dos Oceanos.

Adopted by the United Nations Environment Program, the Voz dos Oceanos project is one of the instruments of the worldwide #CleanSeas campaign - in Brazil, #MaresLimpos. As of May 2020, the Schurmann Family will set sail with their sustainable sailboat, the Kat, for 24 months of sailing. There will be 6 months dedicated to activities on the Brazilian coast, and then another 18 months following the route through the seas of the planet.

In two years, the Schurmann Family - the first Brazilian family to travel around the world aboard a sailing ship with 35 years of adventures - will travel around 40 strategic points, including the Brazilian coast, some islands on the planet, among them, Fernando de Noronha, Manhattan/New York, and Dulcie, besides passing through some points of the seas, where the most varied plastic items accumulate, coming from different parts of the world through the sea currents.

It is important to remember that, every year, 8 to 13 million tons of plastic reach the oceans. In addition to polluting the waters, these residues cause the death of 100,000 marine animals and 1 million birds.

Voz dos Oceanos will have to witness and record, in loco, what is happening in the planet's waters. In addition, it intends to identify potential solutions capable of reversing this catastrophic scenario, and also to mobilize governments, entities, researchers, scientists and civil society so that everyone is aware of the urgent need for effective actions in favor of the oceans.

The announcement of the Bombarco Award winners will take place on September 17, 2019 at Terraço Itália, in São Paulo, two days before the start of the São Paulo Boat Show. The Bombarco website, leader in nautical business in the country, will reward excellence in the manufacture of Brazilian boats and launches, a segment that has an estimated revenue of U$1.5 billion for 2020.

The revelation of the winning boats - carefully determined by a panel of judges made up of experts - and the tribute to people and companies that have achieved prominence in the nautical sector will be made during a gala dinner for the elite of the Brazilian nautical industry. As Marcio Ishihara, CEO of Bombarco explains:

"The idea is to make the event a great celebration of nautical activity in Brazil and for that we invited the Schurmann Family for a special participation. They will talk about a very important subject for everyone who loves the ocean, which is the UN #MaresLimpos campaign Environment, for which they were appointed as world ambassadors, and will tell the plans of their next expedition, the Voice of the Ocean, which will travel strategic points of the planet defending the cause of a sea without plastics", he said

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