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State opens interest-free credit line for mariculturers and artisanal fishermen


The government of Santa Catarina, through the Secretariat of Agriculture, Fisheries and Rural Development, opened a credit line for financing of up to R$ 40 thousand. Producers will have five years to pay, with annual installments, without interest.

The resources can be used for the organization of mariculture, occupation of aquaculture areas and acquisition of equipment for boats. Funding resources will be via the State Fund for Rural Development (FDR). According to the acting secretary of Agriculture, Ricardo Miotto, the objective is to strengthen the sector with more technology, innovation, safety and quality of life.

The highest values, up to R$ 40 thousand, will be for production at sea, in areas granted by the Ministry of Agriculture. For the purchase of safety equipment and vessel instrumentation, the credit limit is R$15,000, also with five years to pay.

The model is similar to the State's Zero Interest for individual microentrepreneurs. If the borrower of the resource pays all the installments by the due date, the last one will be a bonus, that is, it does not need to be paid. Interested in obtaining the resources will have to look for the municipal offices of Epagri.

sector numbers

Artisanal fishing takes place in 337 locations in Santa Catarina, involving around 25 thousand people. SC also has 700 industrial fishing vessels and generates 10,000 direct jobs. The state is the national leader in the production of oysters and mussels, a segment that has 565 producers in 11 municipalities, mainly in Greater Florianópolis.

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