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Non-viable shrimp ARI countdown to end.

Public consultation ends on February 14th


On February 14, 2020, the public consultation on the Import Risk Analysis (ARI) of non-viable shrimp (clean, gutted, shelled and headless) intended for human consumption ends. Click here on this link to access the document prepared by the Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock and Supply (Map).

The Map announced on December 2nd that the consultation would be open for 60 days to estimate the risks of introduction and spread of shrimp diseases in the national territory from the importation of clean shrimp.

The analysis has a generic character, that is, the conclusions apply to the product originated from any exporting country. According to the Map, 44 pathogens identified as potential dangers for shrimp farming in Brazil were analyzed. Six were retained for risk assessment and the other 38 were not considered hazards, as they have already been reported in Brazil, or because no scientific evidence was found that would allow the pathogen to be classified as a hazard.

For those who still want to participate, just send your technically substantiated considerations and suggestions to the electronic address with the subject “ARI shrimps”.

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