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Catarinense Freemasonry, by the three regular and united Masonic Powers with jurisdiction in the State of Santa Catarina (Brazil), in this pandemic scenario that will bring serious consequences to society in general, especially for health and the economy, especially for our State, which is also going through difficulties at the time that it was signaling a year of recovery and growth, addresses the Santa Catarina Society and the Authorities of the Established Powers, to present suggestions especially focused on the economic area, aiming to reduce the current and post-coronavirus negative effects (maintenance and job creation, maintenance and generation of income and generation of economic movement):

1. That the political leaders of this country, with their active segments in society, cease the struggle for electoral results and act for the good of the population, refraining from making interventions that affect the economy or, if necessary, to do so in order to cause the as little impact as possible;
2. Allocation of resources provided for the Party Fund (Special Fund for Financial Assistance to Political Parties) and Electoral Fund (Special Fund for Campaign Financing), for health promotion, combating COVID-19 and for the urgent recovery of the economy the country, revitalizing and oxygenating it to generate economic movement, employment and income.
3. Performance, through the Governor of the State, the Santa Catarina bench in Congress (Senators and Federal Deputies) and socioeconomic organizations through their Federated entities, through prior planning, organization and knowledge of decisions, with implementation of coordination of actions health and economics (integrated) at national, state and regional levels;

the economic area (integrated) at national, state and regional levels;

4. Formation of a multilateral crisis office with the society of Santa Catarina, deciding in this crisis environment based on a preferentially harmonious understanding, through a frank and unified dialogue between the constituted Powers (Executive, Legislative and Judiciary) and the representatives of the organized society;
5. Disclosure, by the State Health Department, of the diagnosis, plan and short-term goals to supply the Santa Catarina society with a health care structure in front of CORONA-19 (highest projected peak), such as: infrastructure, equipment , inputs, etc., so that Santa Catarina society can organize itself to help in this task, minimizing negative effects on the economy;
6. Full implementation of the economic actions of the Federal Government, announced by the Ministry of Economy, the BNDES – National Development Bank and the Central Bank of Brazil, with the necessary effort by the States to impede the deregulation and reduce bureaucracy, paying attention to the atypical issues generated by the crisis, of the conditions of clearance certificates and guarantees in view of the implementation of the Treasury Guarantee Fund;
7. Implementation of a Brazilian National Pact, like the “Marshall Plan” (adopted by the USA in the 1930s), rebuilding our Nation in the post-pandemic;
8. Flexibility of the LRF – Fiscal Responsibility Law for the year 2020 for the Union, States and Municipalities;
9. To the Municipalities:

I. Federal Government:
a) Maintain the transfer of the FPM - Municipal Participation Fund equal to the year 2019, for the current year 2020.
II. State government:
a) Guarantee transfers of the municipal ICMS share equal to the fiscal year 2019, for the current fiscal year 2020.

b) Advance payment of the last four installments of the State's SOCIALFUND debt with the municipalities;
c) Advance the payment of approximately R$ 40 million of the State Government's health debt in the co-financing of basic health care;
d) Review the installment and advance payment of the State's SOCIALFUND with the municipalities, referring to FUNDEB.

10. Promotion of incentives so that individual microentrepreneurs (MEI) can continue their activities and still count on greater support from the government, such as:
I. Payment in installments of taxes and contributions due during the period in which the crisis lasts;

I. Microcredit subsidized and free of bureaucracy by BNDES to obtain reduced rates, enabling cash flow for the resumption of activities.
II. Expansion of the list of professions that can work under the Individual Microentrepreneur regime;
III. Possibility of providing services in this modality for a single contractor.

11. Promotion of actions for EPP, Micro and Small Entrepreneurs:
II. Payment in installments of taxes and contributions due during the period that the crisis lasts;
III. Subsidized and less bureaucratic microcredit to obtain reduced rates, enabling cash flow for the resumption of activities;
IV. Through the BNDES, BRDE and BADESC axis:
a) Financing value from R$ 15 thousand to R$ 150 thousand
b) GRACE: 6 months
c) INTEREST: maximum of 0.3% pm
d) TOTAL TERM: 60 months with decreasing monthly payment
e) REAL GUARANTEE: Use of the National Treasury Guarantee Fund and reduction in the time of registration at the notary's office

12. Promotion of tax incentives so that companies opting for SIMPLES can resume their activity in a structured manner:
I. Expansion of the billing of the Simples Nacional regime, during the year 2020 and 2021, for companies with billing up to R$ 10 million;
II. Matching the tax burden of all activities and annexes to Annex 03, enabling a lower tax burden.
13. Implementation of improvements in the country's guarantee structures:
I. Full acceptance for National Treasury Guarantee Fund operations;
II. Acceptance by public banks of the promotion of 2nd degree fiduciary guarantees;
III. Accreditation of outsourced companies for the assessment and issuance of an appraisal report of the real guarantees to expedite
the work of development agencies;
IV. Reduction of the term for granting a loan by BNDES in direct and indirect operations;

Reduction of the term for granting a loan by BRDE and BADESC in direct and indirect operations; Deregulate and reduce bureaucracy access to financing, as many will not have CNDs or real estate for guarantees;

14. Reduction of taxes for the year 2020 at federal, state and municipal levels, using Treasury and Central Bank reserves, to reduce charges and generate economic movement, employment and income:
I. Reductions with the necessary time to overcome the COVID pandemic – 19.
II. Taxes that are open, 12-month moratorium, to be settled through a REFIS for each Entity (Union, State and Municipality) and with extended terms.
15. Business autonomy for operating periods and also:
I. Full release of the FGTS;
II. Allow companies to establish the reduction of working hours and wages, in a proportional manner. And to increase the percentage of the reduction in working hours and proportional wages, provided for in art. 503 of the CLT.

III. Enable working hours in several shifts, without the incidence of additional night hours and on Sundays and holidays.

16. Public investments with the massive presence of the State and through partnerships, in the resumption of infrastructure works:
I. Intensify privatization and PPP –Public-Private Partnerships programs to increase rapid development;
II. Implement a logistics improvement program with investment in highways, hydroelectric plants, adaptation of hospitals to face new pandemics and encourage civil construction. At the same time, reduce bureaucracy and speed up the release of projects and enterprises that generate employment and income.
17. Reduction in the cost and volume of the Public Sector payroll:
I. Implementation of actions to reduce the costing and payroll percentages of the Union, States and Municipalities in their budgets.
18. Central Bank action with the national financial system:
I. Cost reduction for the operation of loans and financing, through Financial Institutions for the next 12 months;
II. Extension and renegotiation of terms, interest and charges on bank loans already contracted;
III. Offering resources by the Banks, for loans with lower interest for working capital.
19. Other suggestions to the Federal and State Governments:
I. Payroll exemption for job maintenance;
II. Allocate resources from tax budgets to the health area and economic recovery;

III. Immediate reduction of parliamentary budgets at all levels;
IV. Immediate return to the Executive, the projection of leftovers from the transfer to the Judiciary;
V. Postponement of the electoral election from 2020 to 2022, reducing tensions and conflicting electoral interests, affecting the harmony and agreement of strategic actions, coinciding in single general elections, providing cost and expense reduction in the current format with elections every 2 years;
SAW. Expansion of unemployment insurance;
VII. Extension of the moratorium for EPP and Micro companies that are in Presumed and Actual Profit (federal government);
VIII. Repayment of ICMS for March, April and May 2020 with the edition of an emergency state REFIS;
IX. Implementation of a donation distribution center via civil defense.

Freemasonry, through our Institutions, remains receptive to suggestions and at the disposal of the Constituted Powers to, in a fraternal and proactive manner, ensure the health and economy of the State of Santa Catarina.
May the Great Architect of the Universe be at your side supporting and protecting you!

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