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Amyr Klink discusses opportunities in Porto Alegre/RS

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During the meeting, possibilities for the development of the nautical economy in Porto Alegre and tourism around Lake Guaíba were discussed, as well as actions to foster a production chain that enables the generation of new businesses and jobs.

Klink highlighted the differentials that demonstrate the potential of Porto Alegre's nautical economy. "The city could be a hub of environmentally certified marinas, as it is a freshwater border. In addition, it could have a nautical base program of excellence in view of all the natural heritage it has. In other words, protecting the environment and generating wealth,” says the browser.

With a deep knowledge of the nautical segment, Amyr Klink was in Porto Alegre with the intention of contributing to the reconfiguration of Orla do Guaíba. According to him, this type of effort is fundamental for "the city to assume the vocation that it carries with it even in its name".

In addition to the mayor, the municipal secretary for Economic Development, Eduardo Cidade; the secretary of Strategic Partnerships, Thiago Ribeiro; the deputy secretary of Planning and Management, Daniel Rigon; the assistant secretary for the Environment and Sustainability, Viviane Diogo; the Director of Tourism and Events at the Municipal Secretariat for Economic Development, Leandro Balardin; and the director of projects at the Municipal Secretariat for Planning and Management, Glênio Bohrer.

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