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Department of Agriculture joins the productive sector to strengthen fishing in SC


The Secretariat of Agriculture, Fisheries and Rural Development has approached the fishing productive sector to strengthen aquaculture and fishing in Santa Catarina. This Wednesday, 6th, the secretary Ricardo de Gouvêa participated in Itajaí in a working meeting with the president of Sindipi, Jorge Neves; the president of Sintrapesca, José Henrique Pereira; and with the head of the Division of the Federal Superintendence of the Ministry of Agriculture in Santa Catarina, José Henrique dos Santos.

During the meeting, the main demands of the sector were discussed: subsidy from the Federal Government and maintenance of the ICMS exemption by the State Government for diesel oil, used in industrial fishing vessels, and the opening of credit lines for the fishing sector.

“Fishing is a very important area for the economy of Santa Catarina and we need to evolve on some issues. Mainly, in the search for support from the Federal Government and credit lines for the modernization of the sector”, emphasizes secretary Ricardo de Gouvêa.

“This approximation is essential for the fishing industry, this is the first step towards what we hope will be a lasting and prosperous partnership”, stated the president of Sindipi, Jorge Neves.

The tour in Itajaí also included a visit to the Municipal Public Market and the company Costa Sul Pescados. “It was a productive day of work and also of getting closer to the sector. Santa Catarina is the biggest fishing center in the country and we have opportunities to grow even more, adding value to the products and bringing more income to fishermen”, highlights Gouvêa.

Strengthening of fisheries and mariculture

The Secretariat of Agriculture, Fisheries and Rural Development and its associated companies - Epagri, Cidasc and Ceasa – work to strengthen and structure the fishing and mariculture sector in Santa Catarina. Among the actions planned are the structuring of production chains, product traceability and support for the creation of regulations that bring more security to the sector.

In addition, the Department of Agriculture is working on eight projects to raise funds from the Federal Government in favor of strengthening fishing and aquaculture.

Fishing in Santa Catarina

Santa Catarina has 7% of the Brazilian coast and 337 localities where artisanal fishing takes place, involving approximately 25 thousand people. The largest fishing pole in the country, the state also has 700 industrial fishing vessels and the sector generates around 10 thousand direct jobs.

Santa Catarina fish is also present on the international market. According to the Center for Socioeconomics and Agricultural Planning (Epagri/Cepa), the value of Santa Catarina's exports in the sector totaled US$ 26.7 million in 2018.

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